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Mega Egress Hinge

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Product Code: EB-21/0360-400-75
Pack Size:
Variant: Size 5 = 1250mm

Product Code: FH-21/13INCH/145
Pack Size:
Variant: Mega Friction Hinge 13 inch 14.5mm

Product Code: FH-21/13INCH/165
Pack Size:
Variant: Mega Friction Hinge 13 inch 16.5mm


For casement window systems, the Mega Egress Friction Hinge is suitable for all side hung applications. Due to the design,s superior integral strength, one hinge size covers all frame widths up to 900mm at a maximum load of 40kg.


  • 220mm and 345mm suits all side hung applications up to 600mm and 900mm sash widths respectively. Reduced possibility of finger entrapment.
  • In open position the sash is moved outside the frame to maximise the escape aperture.
  • True 90º opening for egress compliance.
  • Achieves 450mm wide opening for egress on smaller windows than traditional egress hinges. Can be moved into easy clean position, with automatic reset to egress operation on closing (345mm version only).
  • High security and excellent compression achieved by unique patented hinge geometry.
  • No hinge protection needed to achieve high security.
  • Superior carrying weight - maximum 40kg load. Ideal for when triple glazing is used.
  • Guarantee* - 10 years for mechanical.